Busbar trunking system(Busduct)

what is busbar system

In the electrical power distribution system, the busbar is a metallic strip bar of metal, typically aluminum or copper that carries power from one electrical equipment to other. example from the transformer to switch gear panel for further distribution. bus bars are suitable for low, medium and high power ranging from 25A to 50000A.

Busducts are safe, compact, flexible, reliable and efficient solutions for electrical power distribution.

Busduct Systems are an alternative to cabling and provide numerous advantages like savings on space, time and cost. But busbar can be used for small distances like some meters.

Types of Busbar trunking system

  • Non-segregated
  • Segregated
  • Isolated phase
Non Segregated BusDuct

In this construction All the bus phases are enclosed in single structure, with sufficient spacing between them and the enclosure but without any partitions between the phases.

Non-segregated Busduct is Widely used connecting between transformer to Switchgears, Switchgear to switchgear under 3 phase, 3 wire / 4 wire configurations.

Segregated Busduct

In this construction all the phases are enclosed in one Structure, but each phase is isolated using metallic barrier between them.

The metallic non-magnetic barriers provided between phases will provide required magnetic shielding and isolate the busbars magnetically from each other.

Metallic non-magnetic barriers will reduce phase to phase fault to great extend.

Isolated Phase Busduct(IPB)

In this arrangement all the phases is carried in separated conductor and enclosed. Conductors are generally allow tubes or bars.

Isolated phase busbar system are preferred for very high current rating 10,000A and above. voltage rage from 11kv to 38Kv.

Generally IPB are connected between the generator and transformer/power station.

Advantages of bus system

Cost effectiveness : cost of cable installation is typically 50% than busbar system.

Application of bus bar system:

Majorly used in industrial applications.

  • Automotive manufacture
  • Airports
  • Petrochemical industries
  • oil and gas platforms
  • power plants
  • Offices
  • Residential
  • Hospital
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels

Advantage of busbuct over cables

  • Simple design
  • Time Saved for installation
  • space saved(busbar occupies mush less space than parallel cable)
  • Time Saved for installation.

Advantages of aluminium instead of copper

  • Aluminum is 70% lighter than copper
  • Less cost than copper
  • Excellent mechanical strength and heat stability & twice the thermal conductivity of copper

Bus Bar Calculation

The calculation of Bus bar depends on various parameters Such as